Jersey Lomellina
21 January 2008

Artica e Alaska: protection at high altitude

Carvico fabrics challenge the worst temperatures - These brushed, two-way stretch techno-fabrics guarantee unbeatable thermal insulation. Their superb pilling and abrasion resistance make them perfect for highly performing activewear. Their outstanding stretch, perfect breathability and excellent thermal protection make garments made with Artica and Alaska  ideal to be worn in direct contact with the skin for a long time without causing irritations or discomfort. The fabrics are Sanitized® to prevent the proliferation of odor-causing bacteria.

Bourne out of research into the coat of polar bears – one of the rare animals capable of  thriving in extreme climatic conditions of great thermal variation – Artica and Alaska are similar in their characteristics and engineering, but different only in their weight and composition.

These techno-fabrics are made of hundreds of hollow micro-filaments that work like thermal insulation between the skin and the outside. This unique structure allows natural evaporation of sweat: thanks to is low absorption of water, the fabrics dry quickly and keep body temperature constant, reducing and minimizing energy consumption, thereby improving athletic performance. They are easy to care for, guarantee prolonged use and can be intensely washed without wearing out. They also offer an unexpected combination of being warm yet light: athletes are no longer constrained by the weight and thickness of traditional material.

ARTICA  - Composition: 57% polyamide - 28% polyester - 15% elastane;  Weight: 240 g/m²

ALASKA - Composition: 57% polyamide - 23% polyester - 20% elastane; Weight: 200 g/m²