Jersey Lomellina
19 October 2009

DARWIN: water is my world! - Intertextile 2009 (Shanghai)

It is the fabric created for water sports, including the more extreme ones: from surfing to wake boarding and obviously for swimming competitions, Darwin is the perfect companion for the most audacious sports which ask that the garments are resistant and reliable.
Impenetrable by chlorine, Darwin protects from the UV rays (UPF 50+), guarantees optimal breathability and fast-drying, offering a perfect fit.

The theme that inspired the new range of colours, which mix together in an enjoyable multicoloured spectrum from a high solidity, is an iconic summary of the past, reinterpreted in a contemporary sportswear and the beachwear of the 1950’s surf world. They are the stars of the marine tonality and of the fresh greens inspired by the Honolulu flora which follow each other until meeting the rays of the earth, from the browns to the greys and the military greens, giving life to a camouflaged masculine palette. Continuing on this journey, we meet the colourful atmosphere of the purples of disco dancing and the romantic and shining colours that mix well with the psychedelic mood revisited from the flows, the acid yellows and the oranges for the more active sports.

Darwin is a fabric created for endurance, ideal for the making of technical swim suits.

Composition: 53% Polyester - 47% Polybutylene terephthalate
Weight: 170 g/m²