Jersey Lomellina


1 September 2012
Atlanta Plus: the ideal partner for all athletes

Technologically advanced and rigorously Made in Italy, Atlanta Plus is the innovative, high performance techno-fabric by Carvico S.p.A., designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding athletes.

1 September 2012
Newport: plunge into our techno-world

Newport is an innovative fabric which puts together all the most important techno-features, developed by Carvico S.p.A to meet the requirements of the most demanding sports people.

1 September 2012
Spider: "entrapped" by its charm

Spider is the innovative bi-elastic micro-mesh by Carvico S.p.A. ready to take the worlds of sportswear and swimwear by storm.

1 September 2012
Revolutional™ Grace: when opposites attract...

For years we have introduced to you the many pluses of the fabrics belonging to the broad and prestigious Revolutional® family fabrics - which are thin, light, with an excellent cover factor, stretch, breathable, sand and chlorine resistant, highly UV pro

9 July 2012
JL Renew: mother nature can sleep soundly and safely

Consequently, Jersey Lomellina is going to organize, at the Interfilière event, the global launch of its “JL Renew”, a brand new family of sustainable, eco-friendly fabrics.

9 July 2012
Subside to "Luce" unique charm!

The Interfilière Trade Show, has always been a source of inspiration, a place where creativity, technology, know-how and innovative materials get together to determine the future trends in beachwear; it offers therefore the ideal setting for the launch of

9 July 2012
Terra and Aria... for a sustainable concept of elegance and style!

In order to reconfirm its commitment to safeguarding the environment, already clearly expressed in an explicit statement of purpose, Jersey Lomellina S.p.A. expands it 2014 collection with the addition of two brand new, highly sustainable fabrics: Terra a

9 July 2012
Hariel: intimate and lingerie show off a whole new allure

Ultra-light ( it weighs only 95 g/m2 ), Hariel is the ideal choice for the production of sexy, sophisticated, precious lingerie items which are also really comfortable.

9 July 2012
Colour cards 2014: plunge in Carvico's magic, colourful world... where opaque marries shine!

Rebecca Moses, for the second year in a row, has collaborated with Carvico S.p.A. to create our prestigious color cards. The famous American designer has decided to push her research on color even farther with the aim to create two color cards, shine and

9 July 2012
Acqua and Fuoco: putting together sustainability and performance!

In order to reconfirm its deep commitment to the defense of our environment, Carvico S.p.A. expands its 2014 collection with the addition of two brand new highly sustainable fabrics: Acqua & Fuoco.

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