Jersey Lomellina
5 September 2009

The pleasure of feeling unique with Carvico’s Revolutional™ family - Interfilière 2009 (Parigi)

The Revolutional® family of techno-fabrics by Carvico is still growing, and is ready to amaze the warp-knits industry with its latest offspring, Revolutional® Mild: high performing, with more than its share of aesthetic appeal, it is ideal for using double, making it perfect for the creation of elegant, fashionable beachwear. Highly breathable and quick-drying, Revolutional® Mild fits like a second skin, providing extraordinary elasticity and maximum comfort. In addition, its 115 grams make it the finest and lightest of the whole family, embracing an as-yet unexplored sector for Revolutional® techno-fabrics: that of underwear.

Revolutional® Mild adds technology and innovation to the well-known family of champions (Revolutional®, Revolutional® Gloss, Revolutional® Energy, Revolutional® More and Revolutional® Shiro), which has conquered a variety of sectors since coming onto the market: from active sports and competition swimwear to the trendiest beachwear.

Fine and light, the Revolutional® line of techno-fabrics act as a total shield against UV rays (UPF 50+), are quick-drying, resistant to pilling and abrasions and offer exception breathability, keeping the body always fresh and dry. These fabrics, that are suitable for every kind of sport, fit like a second skin, provide extraordinary elasticity and excellent coverage and contain muscle vibrations to reduce fatigue and increase efficiency of movement.
With these requisites, the Revolutional® family’s capacity can take it where no other fabric has ever been before.

Revolutional® Mild
Composition: 85% Polyamide – 15% Elastane Weight: 115 g/m²
Composition: 71% Polyamide Micro – 29% Xtra Life LYCRA® Weight: 155 g/m²
Revolutional® Gloss
Composition: 71% Polyamide Micro – 29% Xtra Life LYCRA® Weight: 145 g/m²
Revolutional® Energy
Composition: 71% Polyamide Micro – 29% Xtra Life LYCRA® Weight: 195 g/m²
Revolutional® More
Composition: 79% Polyamide Micro – 21% Xtra Life LYCRA® Weight: 175 g/m²
Revolutional® Shiro
Composition: 80% Polyester Micro – 20% Xtra Life LYCRA® Weight: 190 g/m²