Jersey Lomellina
30 January 2009

Carvico, the pleasure of challenge - ISPO 2009 (Munich)

Carvico was the first Italian industrial concern specialising in warp-knitting, dyeing and finishing and has been an outstanding landmark on the international textiles scene since 1962. Nowadays the company stands out as a leader in the beachwear, sportswear and underwear fabrics sector, thanks to constant research into quality and innovation.
Carvico’s efficient Research & Development Unit, the acquisition of modern techniques and sophisticated systems, a careful selection of raw materials and the employment of highly qualified staff have allowed the firm to offer the market entirely revolutionary and extremely competitive fabrics. The firm’s blend of technological innovation and design research ensures the creation of garments with perfect lines and high performances. The company has an increasingly closer approach to the sporting world, working with athletes from various sporting disciplines on numerous occasions. Commitment and constant dialogue have allowed the firm to attain technical perfection in some fabrics for the most active competitive sports. Carvico certifies the 100% Italian-made quality of its products and has the maximum level of technological development, compared to its competitors in the industry.
Furthermore, Carvico has always focused on respect for the environment. The firm is supporting the concept of “long-term sustainable development” by taking on the commitment to manage its resources in a wise and farsighted manner, while bearing economic, ecological and social targets in mind. Carvico’s aim is to minimise the impact of its processes and products on the environment, comply with legal requirements regarding the environment and launch products designed and distributed on the market in an environmentally friendly way.

GREEN VISION is the name that the firm has given to its ethical commitment to nature.

Between 2002 and 2007, Carvico significantly reduced its percentage consumption while maintaining the same level of production volumes:

-14 % natural gas per metre produced

-14% electrical power per metre produced

-33% water per metre produced

(data updated on 31/12/2007)

Carvico fabrics are environmentally friendly!