Jersey Lomellina
28 August 2017

Every time you choose, buy and wear a fabric by Jersey Lomellina, you are contributing to safeguarding our environment. Isn’t this amazing?!

Nowadays there is someone who is asking us all very little while giving a lot in exchange: we are talking about Mother Nature. Ignoring its cry for help would be a really irresponsible decision and this is why Jersey Lomellina has never underestimated the climate change issue: on the contrary, we have studied and analyzed it, and we have found some alternative solutions to make our company act in an environmentally responsible way by creating 100% recycled and recyclable fabrics.
This is an undisputable truth for us: the real challenge is understanding how we can face it every day, through every aspect of our work, while consistently improving.
And we have found this answer in the passion and commitment which have led to the use of recycled yarns and to the creation of a partnership with  manufacturers (such as Aquafil, which produces Econyl®, a 100% recycled polyamide yarn); but, this is not all: indeed, we have also joined several important global projects such as “Healthy Seas a Journey from Waste to Wear”, which is aimed at saving our seas from ghost fishing nets and creating 100% green fabrics which are supposed to promote sustainable fashion in Italy.
Moreover, Jersey Lomellina has been working hard to eliminate, or cut down on, hazardous chemicals, to enhance its production process with the aim to increase their efficiency, to circulated certified environmental data, to reduce wastes, to use sustainable raw materials and create socially aware and sustainable new companies.
But, can the best fabrics in the world be further improved? Sure.
For instance, would you like to give your favorite t-shirt a second life? The answer is in a name: Renew.
The Renew “recycled family” by Jersey Lomellina has been one of the best sellers of the market for years now, thanks to its performance and sales volumes. Still, it was about time to expand it. And we have created three brand new fabrics to be added to an off the charts, eco-friendly collection.
Style Peach and Prime Peach have come to complement Renew Prime, Cult and Style.
All made of Econyl® recycled polyamide, they boasts all the essential properties and features of fabrics engineered for today sportswear market. But each member of the family has its own exclusive characteristics aimed at making them unique: Style Peach is perfect for the creation of breathable and comfortable running t-shirts but can be used for athleisure items thanks to its warm and comfy peach hand feel.
Also Prime Peach features the same peach hand feel but offers the extra benefit of a perfect fit, shape retention power, muscular compression and a high modulus thanks to the presence in its composition of the LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ elastomer.
So, now we have got the evidence that you can create high performance garments which are also eco-friendly.