Jersey Lomellina
28 August 2017

Mélange effect

To do your best while practising sport you need to have the best available gear, also in terms of style. So ahead with the mélange.
We are not talking about a temporary fade, this trend tells a story, it expresses in a simple, straightforward way an unmistakable style. Stylish and versatile, the heather effect is suitable for different applications and Jersey Lomellina has used it to create a series of must-have fabrics and a few special ones.
The best sellers of the family are Favola, Fantasia and Festa. Refined, stylish, unique and original, they also boast a wide array of techno-features:
Favola is ultra-light and fits the body like a second skin, it is pleasant to wear on the skin and also ensures a perfect fit and a non-see-through effect. Garments made with this fabric – ideal for sport, fitness and ready-to-wear collections – can shape the silhouette while offering comfort and wellbeing. It is breathable, moisture-wicking, fast-drying and certified LYCRA® BEAUTY and LYCRA® SPORT.
Fantasia perfectly fits the body, shaping the silhouette without constraint. Moreover, it boasts the freshFX® technology by LYCRA® which makes it moisture wicking and extremely pleasant on the skin. Its delicate hand feel, its excellent compactness and the fact that it is fast drying complete the range of its techno-features. In addition, it has also been awarded three prestigious certificates: LYCRA® BEAUTY, LYCRA® SPORT BEAUTY and LYCRA® SPORT.
Festa, delicate and stylish like the others, is a champion in terms of perfect fit, lightness, extreme comfort and breathability. It is really like a second skin. Indeed, it is so pleasant to wear that it is the most suitable of all fabrics by JL for the creation of trendy fitness and sportswear garments. Also, it is certified LYCRA® BEAUTY and LYCRA® SPORT.
We cannot forget B-Melange, the evolution of JL evergreen fabric B-Natural, which is not only characterized by a mélange surface but is also bonded to be even more unique and functional. It puts together the natural hand feel of cotton on the plain side with the techno-properties of polyamide of the heather side. Its hand feel is thus soft and comfy but it can also follow the body every move. It is ideal for fitness, sportswear and outerwear.
Nilo Mix, with its bright colors, is instead suitable not only for sportswear but also for swimwear. Stretch, resistant to pilling, abrasions and wear it is dynamic and stylish, too.
Finally, we have Funky and Funky Garzato. Two mélange, “energetic” fabrics with a pop soul whose names remind to the cheerfulness and fun they can make you feel when you are wearing them. Ideal for glamorous “athleisure” items. Furthermore, the brushed version is even more comfortable and pleasant on the skin.