Jersey Lomellina
28 August 2017

Every time you choose, buy and wear a fabric by Carvico, you are contributing to safeguarding our environment. Isn’t this amazing?!

Nowadays there is someone who is asking us all very little while giving a lot in exchange: we are talking about Mother Nature.
Ignoring its cry for help would be a really irresponsible decision and this is why Carvico has never underestimated the climate change issue: on the contrary, we have studied and analyzed it, and we have found some alternative solutions to make our company act in an environmentally responsible way by creating  100% recycled and recyclable fabrics.

This is an undisputable truth for us: the real challenge is understanding how we can face it every day, through every aspect of our work, while consistently improving.
And we have found this answer in the passion and commitment which have led to the use of recycled yarns and to the creation of a partnership with  manufacturers (such as Aquafil, which produces Econyl®, a 100% recycled polyamide yarn); but, this is not all: indeed, we have also joined several important global projects such as “Healthy Seas a Journey from Waste to Wear”, which is aimed at saving our seas from ghost fishing nets and creating 100% green fabrics which are supposed to promote sustainable fashion in Italy.
Moreover, Carvico has been working hard to eliminate, or cut down on, hazardous chemicals, to enhance its production process with the aim to increase their efficiency, to circulated certified environmental data, to reduce wastes, to use sustainable raw materials and create socially aware and sustainable new companies.  

But, can the best fabrics in the world be further improved? Sure.
For instance,  would you like to give your favorite t-shirt a second life? The answer is in a name, or better, in two: VITA and Revolutional™ Eco.

VITA by Carvico has already stood out, over the past three years, as one of the most technologically advanced fabrics in the world, and has become one of the company crown jewels since it is versatile, hyper-resistant, thin, elegant, elastic and soft, “despite” its green soul. It is made of 78% of Econyl® Polyamide but it still boasts outstanding techno-performances and features!
And from now on, you will be able to choose between two different variants: VITA Power and VITA Suede.

VITA Power, as its name suggests, is stronger, heavier and boasts and exceptional recovery power. It is soft and delicate, compact and breathable, stretch, comfortable and perfectly fitting. Furthermore, like VITA, VITA Power is pilling and abrasions resistant, UV protective (UPF 50+) and ensure the best muscular compression level, thus decreasing the production of lactic acid and enhancing recovery while, at the same time, offering maximum freedom of movement.
It is ideal for the creation of sportswear with unprecedented performances.

VITA Suede is matt and brushed and can boasts the same performances and features of VITA Power with the extra benefit of a warm, almost natural, suede hand-feel.
We are talking about a fabric with a “double personality”, charming and comfortable, perfect for the creation of trendy garments.

Revolutional™ Eco is the eco-version of the classic Revolutional™ family. It boasts the same features of its “best selling” predecessors, such as the perfect fit, the breathability, the comfort and the extreme muscular compression, with the addition of a green soul given by the Econyl® yarn. In addition, Revolutional™ Eco shapes the silhouette without constraining it, ensures maximum UV protection, and it is resistant to pilling and abrasions. It is ideal for the creation of competition items for swimwear, activewear, shapewear and beachwear.

It provides the clear evidence of the fact that high-performance techno-items can also be green.