Jersey Lomellina
28 August 2017

Teamwork makes the dreamwork.

Four fabrics sharing the same passion for life, extreme challenges: they are versatile, comfortable, dynamic but, still, really different.

Cortina - Compact and pleasant in direct contact with the skin, Cortina has a double personality: one side is soft and warm thanks to a delicate brushing ensuring an excellent insulation level, the other is water repellent to defend the body from rain. Should the weather be windy, too, its windproof membrane is the perfect protection device. It is ideal for the creation of techno-jackets and outerwear items for autumn and winter.

Everest - A dynamic fabric which ensures maximum comfort and a perfect fit.  Like  Cortina, Everest has two different “faces”, too: softness, warmth and thermal insulation on one side, water repellency on the other. Also in this case, the addition of a windproof membrane makes it ideal for the creation of techno-jackets to be worn even under extreme weather conditions.

Tokyo - Dynamic and compact, it embraces the body and fits its curves perfectly, ensuring comfort and freedom of movement. It is ideal for the creation of lightweight, high-performance and stylish jackets and coats.

Dubai - An innovative fabric with an exclusive, contemporary and stylish scuba look, perfect for extreme sportswear. However, Dubai is not only elegant but also comfortable, perfectly fitting and long-lasting.
Indestructible like all other bonded fabrics by Carvico.