Jersey Lomellina
28 August 2017

That’s unbelievable, it really looks like satin…!

The request was plain and clear “why don’t we try to create a new product with the same style and features of satin but with the extra performance of a techno-fabric?” And Beverly was born as the perfect blend of beauty and techno-features, elegance and comfort, softness and stretch.

Its most outstanding characteristics are its exclusive gloss, which gives new life to colors thanks to the lights and shadows of its surface, its hyper-realistic satin-like effect, its silky hand feel and amazing looks.  

Still, it is not satin. And it is not only elegant but also high performance: it ensures a perfect fit, it shapes the body without constraints, it is extremely compact and non-see-through and boasts a long-lasting shape retention power. The ideal fabric for the creation of activewear and beachwear garments with cascading draping.