Jersey Lomellina
30 January 2009

Dakota: all the colours of nature - ISPO 2009 (Munich)

Soft, warm and enveloping Dakota creates an intimate, cosy and safe dimension through the smooth velvety plush of its surface. It is ideal for garments with a young and casual look, winter loungewear and sportswear. This fabric lends itself to satisfying all sorts of needs: Dakota embraces the world of accessories and is ideal for gloves, ear muffs and scarves.
The Dakota colour card draws inspiration from the terrain of the region that lends its name to the fabric: it is a land of rolling hills, glacial lakes, desert scenes and rocky mountains. The range shows an explosion of all the colours of the landscape, ranging from fresh shades of light blue and green and the more natural tones of cream, crème caramel and chocolate, to deep burgundies and purples, as well as classic sports colours such as dark grey, navy blue and red.
The Dakota colour range has been designed to play on complementing and contrasting colours and offers the chance to alternate lighter shades with extremely saturated colours, in order to create garments that move away from sporty styles and create a more fashionable and elegant feel.

Composition: 84% Polyamide Micro 16% Elastane
Weight: 230 g/m²