Jersey Lomellina
16 November 2015

At Mare di Moda 2015 Jersey Lomellina presented JL Dream Fit

It has just ended the three-days fair MarediModa, where it has been shown the best of global textile supply. Jersey Lomellina, the international leader in the circular knit sector, made its debut in the fitness world with a prestigious fabric collection, for which it has chosen the outstanding performance of LYCRA® SPORT premium fibre for sportswear.
Jersey Lomellina embodies Made in Italy excellence throughout the world, and is the international leader in the production of fabrics for the various garment sectors, especially Beachwear. At MarediModa, the brand interpreted an increasingly cutting edge trend, and with JL DREAM FIT it introduced its quality and unmistakeable style to the sportswear world. 
This intensely contemporary initiative reflects the growing trend where fitness and beachwear are combined with a lifestyle orientation.
JL DREAM FIT offers top-end fabrics with a refined style and performance that's ideal for elegant, avant garde garments that can be worn during leisure time as well as for periods of physical activity. This ambitious project has taken advantage of the values and know-how of Jersey Lomellina's partner Invista, owner of the LYCRA® brand. Invista has its finger on the fashion pulse, with an awareness of trends and beachwear developments that enable it to develop innovative fabric solutions that respond perfectly to emerging requirements and demand. The challenge was to create fabrics that would inspire people to dream about style, fit and muscle compression, a vital quality in fitness apparel. That's why choosing LYCRA® SPORT – a fibre with incredible qualities and performance - makes a difference in the sports world, too. Sportswear made with LYCRA®SPORT fibre offers high stretch and shape retention, specifically designed to provide freedom of movement and enable wearers to obtain maximum performance. This technology also offers optimum compression and freedom of movement just when they're most needed during training.
For the launch at Cannes, Jersey Lomellina In collaboration with Invista, owner of the LYCRA® brand, has created a concept for a real-life experience, a mini-gym beside the Carvico Jersey Lomellina stand, with instructors and acrobatic performances every hour by athletes of the pole dancing programme. The project offered a very exclusive experience for visitors who could be totally involved in it.

• NAIR: our evergreen is soft and comfortable, it is not too tight fitting and doesn't make you feel constraint.
• FUNKY: featuring an extraordinary natural hand feel, it boasts a modern texture with a " snow crash".
• B-NATURAL & B-MELANGE: two double face fabrics, one side made of cotton, the other made of polyester, which remodel the silhouette without constraining you and ensuring absolute freedom of movement; both fabrics are suitable both for leisurewear and activewear.
• WONDER LIGHT: its weight and hand feel make it ideal for T-shirts designed for techno-sports.