Jersey Lomellina
21 August 2015

Innovation and performance: the new bonded fabrics by Carvico and Jersey Lomellina

Carvico S.p.A., in co-operation with Jersey Lomellina, has created a new range of high tech fabrics inspired by the latest market trends: such fabrics offer a set of unprecedented and outstanding features. We are talking about the brand new bonded fabrics by Carvico/Jersey Lomellina which have been designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding sportsmen by enhansing their bodies and performance.
They are really versatile and may be used for the creation of:
- sportswear items suitable even for the most extreme sports;
- trendy outerwear garments;
- confortable and stylish fashion items for a daily use
This range of new fabrics have been conceived to create several, exciting matches exploiting their different features: compactness and softness, glossy or matt surfaces for ton-sur-ton or contrasting effects.

Tech specs:


Dynamism, energy and power characterize these two high tech, warm and soft fabrics. Featuring one brushed surface which, when worn in contact with the skin, ensures perfect insulation  and one water repellent side to increase the protection against bad weather, they perfectly blend the latest textile technologies and the potential of the  windproof membrane. Athletes can therefore practise without worrying about the climate, trusting the garments they wear will protect them while ensuring perfect fit and extreme comfort. All these features make Cortina & Everest ideal for the creation of jackets and techno garments for the fall/winter season.

Trendy and compact this fabric embraces your body ensuring support and the correct muscular compression for the highest levels of comfort. It is ideal for the creation of  cycling pants, sportswear and outerwear items. This fabric is also chlorine resistant and is consequently also suitable for the creation of competition swimwear garments which will retain their stretch and fit even after many hours inside chlorinated water.

Innovative and trendy, Dubai reminds of neoprene "scuba" effect.  Dubai perfectly fits the body ensuring both comfort and durability; it is perfect for beachwear and swimwear and for fashion, too.


Softness and elasticity make this fabric really comfy. Urban follows your every move, supporting your body and ensure the correct muscular compression   therefore being ideal for the creation of high-performance sportswear for daily use. Urban is available in a bicolor version for an hyper-trendy look. 

Thin and comfortable, Capital ensures perfect fit and extra softness. It is ideal for the creation of  sportswear garments guaranteeing the correct muscular compression and full freedom of movement. Capital is available in several ton-sur-ton, trendy versions.

A crispy surface matching an extremely soft and comfortable hand feel. Metropol follows your every move ensuring perfect fit and comfort. The windproof membrane it is bonded with, ensure an excellent protection against wind making it perfect for the creation of sports jackets for cycling and running and outerwear items. Metropol is available in several ton-sur-ton, trendy versions.