Jersey Lomellina
20 January 2015


Artica and Vuelta the new, brushed, techno-fabrics by Carvico, have been designed for people who love outdoor sports and who wish to keep training and exercising also in winter.
Stemming from a long research on the properties of the fur of the polar bear – one of the  few animals who can stand extreme weather conditions and sensitive temperature excursions, Artica is a brushed, bi-elastic techno-fabric guaranteeing an incomparable thermal insulation. Its high resistance to pilling and abrasions, makes it ideal for even the most extreme performance sportswear. Furthermore, thanks to its  high elasticity, perfect moisture management, breathability and amazing protection from cold, garments made with Artica are perfect to be worn for long hours in direct contact with the skin since they won’t cause any itches or irritations. Made of hundreds of hollow micro-filaments, which create an insulating chamber between the skin and the environment, Artica is naturally moisture wicking, so that garments made of it are fast-drying and leave the skin absolutely dry thus maintaining a steady body temperature, reducing energy consumption and enhancing performance. Artica is also easy-care and long-lasting and can be repeatedly washed without getting damaged.
Vuelta stands out among all other fabrics for its soft and delicate brushing effect, which makes it particularly pleasant to wear in contact with the skin: it works as a protective cushion which protects the body against temperature excursions and wind, ensuring a good thermal insulation. Its excellent moisture wicking properties and the static finishing treatment applied allow sweat and moisture to naturally evaporate, preventing bacteria causing bed smell from  reproducing. Vuelta is also fast drying and enhance the body temperature regulating system. Highly stretch and boasting a good shape recovery power, this fabric by Carvico ensures perfect fit and extreme freedom of movement.