Jersey Lomellina
20 January 2015


Warm is the new, brushed high performance techno-fabric by Carvico. Made of polyester, it is perfect for outdoor sport activities to be practiced under any weather conditions and at any temperatures. Made of hollow multi-filaments, Warm ensures a high thermal insulation, keeping the body temperature steady, reducing energy consumption and enhancing sport performance. Its soft brushing, extremely soft and thin, increases the quantity of air stored inside the fabric structure, thus enhancing its insulating properties. Its special structure indeed, also guarantees a natural moisture wicking process, so that the fabric stays dry and athletes never feel uncomfortably sweaty. Warm is extremely comfortable even during the most challenging sport activities and is therefore ideal for the creation of sportswear garments designed to be worn for long hours which won’t cause any itches and irritations. Its high modulus and muscular compression power ensure perfect fit  and freedom of movement, for top performances without constraints.