Jersey Lomellina
3 July 2014

Vita: Beautiful, stunning, hyper-versatile

The latest extraordinary fabric developed by Carvico’s, International leader in the warp knit fabrics sector, VITA offers the finest cutting edge solutions for the swimwear world. Highly performing in the most extreme conditions in the swimming pool, as demonstrated by a series of live comparative tests conducted with professional athletes, VITA is also the ideal fabric for the most beautiful beachwear collections, as shown in a new and engaging video clip realized in collaboration with INVISTA, presented during the Paris exhibition, that shows the daily summer life of 4 young characters and their VITA swimsuits. Extraordinarily versatile, the new CARVICO fabric is 20% thinner than classic charmeuse, thanks to its innovative structure. VITA fabric looks very stylish, compact and uniform, as well as smooth and soft thanks to the use of recycled polyamide multifilament. VITA gives free range to imagination and creativity, thanks also to its incredible palette of 90 colours. As well as offering excellent aesthetic properties, VITA provides exceptional technical performances for Beachwear usage. The fabric offers excellent UV-protection, resistance against damaging effect of oils and sun care products, plus an outstanding performance during laboratory tests – carried in collaboration with INVISTA – simulating modern beachwear lifestyle. For example, the damaging effects of sun care products, along with the action of chlorine in the swimming pool, cause a visible acceleration of fabric deterioration. The comparisons between VITA fabric with LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ and a competitors’ fabric made with other elastane resistant to chlorine, demonstrates that CARVICO fabrics shows no sagging even when sun cream has been applied to it while the second product loses shape. With the so-called “Trunk Test” - carried out in INVISTA labs - simulating the typical conditions of prolonged exposure to damp and heat a costume experiences after normal use when stored in a beach bag in a car trunk, LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ fibre shows its extraordinary performance, resisting breakage and fit loss 5 times longer than other chlorine-resistant elastanes. Another interesting stress test VITA fabrics have undergone in the lab is the Drawer ”, which demonstrates that even when the costume is stored away, if the elastic fibre in it has been damaged, it will continue to deteriorate and the costume will gradually lose its elasticity. But LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ fibre in VITA fabric resists without showing any breakage, even after 240 hours of tests.The innovative stylistic and aesthetic qualities, combined with excellent technical performance for Beachwear, declare the primacy of VITA with LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ fabric and makes it a candidate to become the new benchmark for the entire Swimwear market.