Jersey Lomellina
24 January 2008

Carvico, The Pleasure of Challenge - Interfilière 2008 (Paris)

Carvico was the first Italian industrial concern specialising in warp-knitting, dyeing and finishing and has been an outstanding landmark on the international textiles scene since 1962. Nowadays the company stands out as a leader in the beachwear, sportswear and underwear fabrics sector, thanks to constant research into quality and innovation.
Carvico’s efficient Research & Development Unit, the acquisition of modern techniques and sophisticated systems, a careful selection of raw materials and the employment of highly qualified staff have allowed the firm to offer the market entirely revolutionary and extremely competitive fabrics. The firm’s blend of technological innovation and design research ensures the creation of garments with perfect lines and high performances. The company has an increasingly closer approach to the sporting world, working with athletes from various sporting disciplines on numerous occasions. Commitment and constant dialogue have allowed the firm to attain technical perfection in some fabrics for the most active competitive sports. Carvico certifies the 100% Italian-made quality of its products and has the maximum level of technological development, compared to its competitors in the industry.
Furthermore, Carvico has always focused on respect for the environment. The firm is supporting the concept of “long-term sustainable development” by taking on the commitment to manage its resources in a wise and farsighted manner, while bearing economic, ecological and social targets in mind.
Carvico’s aim is to minimise the impact of its processes and products on the environment, comply with legal requirements regarding the environment and launch products designed and distributed on the market in an environmentally friendly way.
GREEN VISION is the name that the firm has given to its ethical commitment to nature.
Between 2002 and 2007, Carvico significantly reduced its percentage consumption while  aintaining the same level of production volumes:

-14 % natural gas per metre produced
-14% electrical power per metre produced
-33% water per metre produced
(data updated on 31/12/2007)
Carvico fabrics are environmentally friendly!


Revolutional® - Revolutional® More – Revolutional® Energy – Revolutional® Shiro – Revolutional® Gloss:

Carvico broadens its range and extends the Revolutional® family

REVOLUTIONAL®...change your attitude
Latest generation tech – fabric that ensures extreme fluidity of movement and guarantees maximum muscle compression.
Revolutional® fits like a second skin, dries rapidly and guarantees exceptional breathability, keeping the body fresh and active.
It is extremely light (weighing just 155 g per square metre) and ultrafine, with a thickness reduced to 50% of classic silk charmeuse, yet at the same time it ensures optimum coverage.
The fabric provides total protection from UV rays (UPF 50+) and is abrasion resistant and anti-pilling, with a test value of 5.
It is ultra-resistant to chlorine – thanks to the fabric’s innovative construction and the use of Xtra Life LYCRA® - and to sand, which does not remain trapped between the fibres.
Non-curling: the fabric is suitable for use in making garments with raw-edged detailing because it does not curl at the sides, thanks to its elastic retention.

Composition: 71% micro polyamide – 29% Xtra Life LYCRA® – weight: 155 g/m²

Carvico presents Revolutional® Energy, a fabric with a revolutionary compression action that completes the broad Revolutional® family range. The fabric provides extraordinary elasticity, optimum muscle compression, maximum wearability and a high level of cover, yet also guarantees exceptional breathability.
The distinctive qualities of Revolutional® are taken to the extreme in Energy, a fabric that more than satisfies all the requisites for the LYCRA® Power programme. The fabric has the capacity to reduce muscle vibrations, diminishing muscle fatigue and increasing the efficiency of each movement.
Revolutional® Energy is the perfect fabric for active sports, competitive swimming and garments in larger sizes.

Composition: 71% micro polyamide – 29% Xtra Life LYCRA® – weight: 195 g/m²

The latest addition to the family: a white polyester version with a super-matte look. Shiro is ideal for transfer printing: it maintains its optimum stretchiness even after printing and is extremely rub resistant. The fabric’s innovative construction guarantees optimum yield and brightness of printed colours.
Shiro possesses all the characteristics of the Revolutional® family fabrics: reduced thickness, optimum coverage and high resistance to chlorine, sweat, pilling and UV rays.
The use of Xtra Lyfe LYCRA® also ensures optimum wearability and shape retention over time.
The advantage of Shiro is that it can be used to make white inserts to combine with any of the other fabrics from the Revolutional® family.

Composition: 80% micro polyester – 20% Xtra Life LYCRA® – weight: 190 g/m²

This fabric provides excellent coverage, guaranteeing extreme fluidity of movement and maximum comfort. These qualities, combined with the major Revolutional® characteristics, such as resistance to chlorine, pilling, sand and total protection from UV rays (UPF 50+), make More a unique fabric, perfect for swimming and sport in general.

Composition: 79% polyamide micro – 21% Xtra Life LYCRA® – weight: 175 g/m²

The Gloss version enlarges the available selection, adding a new characteristic to Revolutional®.
Thanks to a special treatment, the fabric takes on a shiny, almost wet, look.
Gloss strikes the perfect balance between hi-tech qualities and glamour. It is suitable for fashion applications, particularly for swimming costumes and dresses to be sported at poolside cocktail parties.

Composition: 71% micro polyamide – 29% Xtra Life LYCRA® – weight: 145 g/m²

Moving between tradition and innovation, the emphasis of the new Carvico colour card is on the contrast between classic and cutting-edge.
Colours inhabit and light up an atmosphere imagined as a magnetic field, where colours naturally attract each other like magnets and create magical chromatic paths.

Born out of the lushness of tropical flowers, the triumph of unbridled nature bursts forth in a thousand dazzling colours that are full of life and strength.
Brushstrokes of pure colour create vivid, bright, hyper-energetic beachwear and girlpower sportswear.

Back from memories of times gone by, not so long ago – reminiscences of the fabulous Fifties!
A playful reinterpretation in a range of colours with a vintage flavour combined with denim.
Reflecting the pursuit of a form of lost well-being and a desire for sweetness and serenity that
leads to relaxation, these matte colours are ideal for beachwear and very cool sportswear too.

Ambiguity and surprise. The hidden face behind what clearly appears. A more veiled suffused reality.
More intimate shades, not flaunted, made up of faint toned-down pastels combined with more vaturated variations. A universal trend, ideal for beachwear, sports and leisure.

A rarefied de-saturated atmosphere envelops the essence of colour, hiding it and weakening the boundaries of perception. A series of greys are thus created, ranging from the coolest to the warmest shades. The idea of chilly ultra-modernity dissolves, giving way to a more sophisticated hi-tech image that stands out in sports and leisure wear.

The power and decisiveness of these new neons disorientates opponents. Boldly taking centre stage they burst into sports with a feisty, extremely clean and decisive image. Together with dark colours like brown and anthracite grey, unusual and experimental combinations come to life, lit up by neon irradiation.

Nature viewed as a convenient background against which camouflage yourself with chameleonic skill. The landscape becomes part of the garment, embracing it. Colours unite and merge with each other to interpret the habitat around them. Sportswear merges with its environment.

Nature viewed as a convenient background against which camouflage yourself with chameleonic skill. The landscape becomes part of the garment, embracing it. Colours unite and merge with each other to interpret the habitat around them. Sportswear merges with its environment.

Going pure metals The resplendent appeal of light in the texture of a shiny surface. Gold, silver, bronze and copper are treasures recovered from depths of the ocean. The timeless charm of precious stones continues to work on our imagination, illuminating beachwear and active sportswear with metallic reflections.

As shiny as pouring industrialjelly. Colours light up with denseand sensual reflections, changing and shifting continually. Greens and pinks sparkle in delicate harmony, expressing freshness and bestowing a new-romantic touch to sports and artistic disciplines like dance and figure skating.

Luxury culture The opulence of hot spicy colours, inspired by sumptuous compositions of delectable fruits. Brown, plum and grey shades breathe life into a new look for more sophisticated, fashion-oriented sportswear and beachwear.