Jersey Lomellina


24 March 2014
Renew Prime: for your everyday shapewear underwear!

Renew Prime, a real must-have and one of the best sellers in the JL Renew family of fabrics,  is a sustainable fabric, made of Econyl®, a 100% regenerated polyamide yarn.

24 March 2014
Vita: a classic turns into avant-garde

After having been launched as the ideal partner for competition swimwear, Vita by Carvico has now been awarded two important certifications: LYCRA® BEAUTY and LYCRA® BEAUTY for Swimwear by Invista. 

24 March 2014
XLAnce Eco: for those who love watersports... and more!

Carvico relaunches XLAnce, one of the most innovative fabrics ever, in a brand new “green” version. XLAnce Eco is a sustainable fabric perfectly blending the features of the extraordinary XLA elastomer and  Econyl®, a polyamide yarn deriving from 100% of recycled material.

13 March 2014

B-Natural is a double face fabric by  Jersey Lomellina designed for those who wish to feel “pampered” under any circumstances.

18 February 2014
Young: It's time for a luxury experience!

Young, the new fabric by Jersey Lomellina, made of Novarel Anti-OX, a micro-encapsulated fiber by Nurel, rich in
antioxidant active principles such as Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.

18 February 2014
Vertigo: the perfect ally for your sport activity!

Vertigo by Jersey Lomellina is an extra-soft, ultra-stretch, opaque, breathable fabric, with a high compression power, which ensures a perfect fit under any circumstances.

5 November 2013
Carvico presents Vita: the breakthrough new swimwear fabric of the future

Developed from cutting edge research by the Carvico labs, Vita fabric offers a range of benefits that are set to revolutionise the entire beachwear world.

5 November 2013
JL Renew: an eco-friendly family

Jersey Lomellina reconfirms the success of the well-know JL Renew family of sustainable fabrics which are aimed to satisfy the global market demand for a more socially responsible approach to business and the choice of regenerated raw materials aimed at the reduction of wastes.

5 November 2013
Jersey Lomellina presents Melodie: the brand new fabric of the "JL Avantgarde" family

Jersey Lomellina presents Melodie. Ultra-thin, light and compact, Melodie is the latest addition to the JL Avantgarde family.

5 November 2013
XLAnce Eco: dare defying the most extreme weather conditions while respecting the environment

The company has this time chosen to go the extra mile developing a “green” version of this classic, the brand new  Xlance Eco which boasts both the extraordinary XLA elastomeric fiber and Econyl®, polyamide yarn made of 100% recycled material.

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