Jersey Lomellina
2 July 2014

Seta and Soffio by Jersey Lomellina: for a new concept of elegance

Seta and Soffio by Jersey Lomellina have been designed to offer women an extra touch of glamour and style. Produced with high gauge machines, they are both compact and non see-through, and naturally enhance the brightness of colors.
Precious and stylish, Seta, the new-born of the JL Avantgarde family, features a particularly soft hand feel, ideal for draping, and a silky look that makes it perfect for the creation of glamorous and stylish underwear and lingerie items. Ultra-light (it weights only 95 g/m2) and ultra-thin, Seta delicately caresses and embraces  the silhouette, and is extremely pleasant and comfortable to wear. It ensures perfect fit and high breathability so to keep your underwear garments always fresh and dry.
Soffio, as its name suggests, is really light (125 g/m2), soft and delicate and consequently pleasant and  comfortable to wear. Ultra-thin and breathable, Soffio is suitable for the creation of elegant, perfectly fitting, lingerie garments which can enhance the silhouette without constraints.