Jersey Lomellina
1 December 2008

With the REVOLUTIONAL® family, the revolution in the earp-knit fabric industry goes on

REVOLUTIONAL®...change your attitude
Latest generation tech-fabric that ensures extreme fluidity of movement and guarantees maximum muscle compression.
Revolutional® fits like a second skin, dries rapidly and guarantees exceptional breathability, keeping the body fresh and active.
It is extremely light (weighing just 155 g per square metre) and ultrafine, with a thickness reduced to 50% of classic silk charmeuse, yet at the same time it ensures optimum coverage.
The fabric provides total protection from UV rays (UPF 50+) and is abrasion resistant and anti-pilling, with a test value of 5.
It is ultra-resistant to chlorine thanks to the fabric’s innovative construction and the use of Xtra Life LYCRA® - and to sand, which does not remain trapped between the fibres.
Non-curling: the fabric is suitable for use in making garments with raw-edged detailing because it does not curl at the sides, thanks to its elastic retention.

Composition: 71% Polyamide Micro - 29% Xtra Life LYCRA®
Weight: 155 g/m²

Carvico presents Revolutional® Energy, a fabric with a revolutionary compression action that completes the broad Revolutional® family range. The fabric provides extraordinary elasticity, optimum muscle compression, maximum wearability and a high level of cover, yet also guarantees exceptional breathability.
The distinctive qualities of Revolutional® are taken to the extreme in Energy, a fabric that more than satisfies all the requisites for the LYCRA® Power programme. The fabric has the capacity to reduce muscle vibrations, diminishing muscle fatigue and increasing the efficiency of each movement. Revolutional® Energy is the perfect fabric for active sports, competitive swimming and garments in larger sizes.

Composition: 71% Polyamide Micro - 29% Xtra Life LYCRA®
Weight: 195 g/m²

The latest addition to the family: a white polyester version with a super-matte look. Shiro is ideal for transfer printing: it maintains its optimum stretchiness even after printing and is extremely rub resistant. The fabric’s innovative construction guarantees optimum yield and brightness of printed colours.
Shiro possesses all the characteristics of the Revolutional® family fabrics: reduced thickness, optimum coverage and high resistance to chlorine, sweat, pilling and UV rays. The use of Xtra Lyfe LYCRA® also ensures optimum wearability and shape retention over time.
The advantage of Shiro is that it can be used to make white inserts to combine with any of the other fabrics from the Revolutional® family.

Composition: 80% Polyester Micro - 20% Xtra Life LYCRA®
Weight: 190 g/m²

This fabric provides excellent coverage, guaranteeing extreme fluidity of movement and maximum comfort. These qualities, combined with the major Revolutional® characteristics, such as resistance to chlorine, pilling, sand and total protection from UV rays (UPF 50+), make More a unique fabric, perfect for swimming and sport in general.

Composition: 79% Polyamide Micro - 21% Xtra Life LYCRA®
Weight: 175 g/m²

The Gloss version enlarges the available selection, adding a new characteristic to Revolutional®.
Thanks to a special treatment, the fabric takes on a shiny, almost wet, look.
Gloss strikes the perfect balance between hi-tech qualities and glamour. It is suitable for fashion applications, particularly for swimming costumes and dresses to be sported at poolside cocktail parties.

Composition: 71% Polyamide Micro - 29% Xtra Life LYCRA®
Weight: 145 g/m²