Jersey Lomellina
5 November 2013

JL Renew: an eco-friendly family

Jersey Lomellina reconfirms the success of the well-know JL Renew family of sustainable fabrics which are aimed to satisfy the global market demand for a more socially responsible approach to business and the choice of regenerated raw materials aimed at the reduction of wastes.  All the 100% Made in Italy fabrics belonging to the JL Renew family are made of Econyl®, a 100% regenerated polyamide yarn and are not only high performing but also extremely reliable and are presented by Jersey Lomellina in several different variants designed for various applications.

Some more details:

RENEW PLUS – the real “must-have” of Jersey Lomellina collection, it is soft, light and compact, ideal for the creation of comfortable, shaping garments for the beachwear world. Having been awarded the prestigious Xtra Life LYCRA® Certificate, Renew Plus boasts an increased resistance to chlorine (10 times higher than the standards ), suntan creams and oil,  and is therefore ideal for the creation of trendy, perfectly fitting swimwear with no risk of sagging and bagging. Renew Plus has also been awarded the82082-2012-PC-ITA-DNV certificate issued by the International DNV (DetNorske Veritas) Validation Authority.

RENEW LIGHT – one of the lightest members of the family ( it weights only 130 g/m2 ) is highly breathable and extremely comfortable: it is therefore ideal for the creation of both underwear and beachwear items featuring a delicate but efficient shaping power, which can remodel the silhouette without constraints. This fabric also boasts an exciting and sophisticated colour card with 35 trendy and fashionable nuances.

RENEW PRIME – thanks to its exceptional “power” and elasticity, it is perfect for the creation of shapewear garments which can enhance the feminine, curvaceous body while offering the right support to the muscles. Suitable both for beachwear and underwear, Renew Prime can also be employed in the manufacturing of raw cut, seamless items designed to be invisible under the most tight-fitting dresses. This gem by Jersey Lomellina has also proved to be particularly versatile and has therefore appealed also to garment makers in the streetwear and outerwear sectors. Thanks to the presence of Xtra Life LYCRA® elastomeric fiber it is also highly resistant to chlorine, suntan oils and sweat and boasts a long-lasting shape retention power.

RENEW GLOSSY –compact and absolutely non see-through, it is the perfect fabric for shapewear since it helps remodelling the silhouette without constraints. Its exclusive feature is revealed by its name: glossy… a special treatment gives it s surface a special “wet-look”, which is particularly appreciated by trendy customers who wish to stand out under any circumstances. Renew Glossy is also suitable for sportswear and streetwear techno-garments with an extra touch of glamour. 

RENEW SWEET– the latest addition to the family, it is also the lightest one (only 90 g/m2). Renew Sweet ensures a perfect fit, a really soft and delicate  hand feel with a “baby powder effect” . Impalpable and refined, it is ideal for the creation of comfortable underwear items which make you feel free to move and pampered.