Jersey Lomellina
5 November 2013

Jersey Lomellina presents Melodie: the brand new fabric of the "JL Avantgarde" family

Jersey Lomellina presents Melodie. Ultra-thin, light and compact, Melodie is the latest addition to the JL Avantgarde family which boasts several, different, last generation, high gauge fabrics, which don’t feature the typical wales of standard circular knitted fabrics and are therefore more consistent and homogenous and enhance the effect of even the brightest colours.
Melodie, as its name suggests, reminds to romantic, charming and mysterious atmospheres.
The silky and iridescent look of such fabrics makes it ideal for the production of perfectly fitting, elegant and stylish underwear.
Come to us and discover the Avantagarde family: Piuma, Piuma Light, Hariel and the brand new Melodie.

Jersey Lomellina: where technology and high performance meet elegance and femininity.