Jersey Lomellina
28 August 2013

Renew Prime: be more "environmentally - aware" even when practising sport!

By launching JL Renew, Jersey Lomellina has chosen to offer a range of sustainable fabtics, all produced with a 100% recycled polyamide, deriving from post-consumer materials: we are talking about products which, taken away from the landfill, are repolymerized by means of a physical-chemical process and transformed into a new yarn. Fabrics which stem from such a virtuous cycle (recovery, recycling and reuse) are high quality and extremely reliable.

Renew Prime is the sporty soul  in this family of “green” fabrics : it has been designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding athletes since it guarantees high performance, extra comfort and maximum freedom of movement. CertifiedLYCRA® Sport, Renew Prime also offers a correct muscular compression: it reduces vibrations, supports muscles during sport activities  reducing strain.The addition of the Xtra Life LYCRA® elastomer, moreover,  makes this fabric 10 times more sweat, sun creams, oils and chlorine resistant than a standard one, ensuring garments remain perfectly fitting even after many washes and a long use.The extraordinary package of features boasted by Renew Prime also include: breathability, lightness, fast-dry, UV protection (UPF 50+), pilling and abrasions resistance.