Jersey Lomellina
1 January 2008

Starlight: enhancing seduction

For years Carvico has been proposing fabrics for swimwear and intimate apparel that pleasantly shape the body and fulfill consumer demands for easy care and above all comfort.
Starlight is a light, luminous and intangible fabric. Strikingly appealing, it makes a game of transparency, making for maliciously mysterious garments!
Refined, a pleasant handfeel and subtle sparking, it fits snugly with extreme stylishness, giving unforgettable sensations without sacrificing comfort or adaptability to the body.
Starlight is a versatile fabric engineered for beachwear and intimate apparel: it gives that essential something to femininity.
Soft, insinuating and captivating, itʼs also ideal for unexpected and sensual draping that “illuminate the femininity” of whoever wears it.

Composition : 79% Polyamide 21% Elastane
Weight: 80 g/m²