Jersey Lomellina
6 July 2013

The "JL Family" expands with the launch of Renew Glossy

One year after launching the prestigious “JL Renew” family , Jersey Lomellina reconfirms the amazing success of its “sustainable” fabrics, attending Interfiliére to première its latest creation: Renew Glossy.

Renew Glossy is also made of a 100% recycled polyamide yarn deriving from  post-consumer, discarded products which, saved from landfills all over the world are re-polymerized through a chemical/physical process and are turned into a new yarn. Fabrics being produced through such virtuous circle of recovery, recycling and reuse ensure both  high quality and reliability, astounding performance, comfort and versatility.

In further detail:


RENEW GLOSSY, the latest addition to this new “green” family, compact and with a high cover factor, it is the perfect fabric for the creation of shapewear garments, aimed at modeling the silhouette without constraints. Its peculiar feature?! It is inscribed in its name: Glossy… the fabric is applied a special treatment which makes it glossy, a sort of a “wet, shiny look”, particularly appreciated by trendy women who are always after new exclusive items to enrich their wardrobe.  Thanks to its extreme versatility  Renew Glossy is also ideal for high performance and glamorous sportswear and streetwear garments.


RENEW LIGHT, soft and light it holds in its 130 g/m2 the very secret of style and glamour. It is the ideal fabric for fashion doubled beachwear and for your everyday underwear since it is highly breathable and extremely comfortable. A bright and cool colour card brings out its best and enhances its versatility: 35 delightful nuances  which were chosen to make Renew Light ideal for trendy beachwear and more elegant and stylish underwear.


RENEW PLUS, the first member of the “JL Renew” family, it is soft, compact, light and extremely comfortable. Having been awarded the precious LYCRA® Xtra Life Certificate, this fabric ensures a higher resistance to chlorine (10 times higher than standard average values), sun creams and oils, and a perfect fit over time. Renew Plus is fully UV protective  UV (UPF 50+) and is therefore perfect not only for underwear but also for trendy, elegant and stylish beachwear garments.


RENEW PRIME has been designed for the shapewear market and for underwear and beachwear. Certified LYCRBeauty and LYCRA®Beauty for swimwear, Renew Prime is your little beauty secret thanks to its shaping power and extreme comfort. Perfect for free cut processing, it is invisible even under the most tight-fitting dresses. Extremely versatile, it is a real must also for sportswear, streetwear and outerwear.