Jersey Lomellina
6 November 2012

JL Avantgarde The new soul of Jersey Lomellina… quintessentially feminine!

Over the past thirty-five years Jersey Lomellina has been a synonym for innovation and technology, quality and reliability. Our continuous research, the careful analysis of customers’ requirements and expectations and the selection of competent partner, have allowed our company to launch “JL Avantgarde”, a brand new family of “high gauges” fabrics , with extraordinary and exclusive features.
In addition to the already reknown Piuma and Piuma Light which for years have been the real must have of Jersey Lomellina collection, the family welcomes the new born Hariel: the first fabric in the world produced with 80 gauges machines.
Light, impalpable but compact and with a really high cover factor, “JL Avantgarde” fabrics don’t display the wales which are typically shown by standard circular knit fabrics, and are much more homogeneous and consistent. Soft and silky, Piuma, Piuma Light and Hariel are highly stretch, pleasant on the skin and extremely comfortable; pilling resistant and fast drying, they leave the skin cool and dry.
Ideal for the most sophisticated and elegant lingerie, the aforesaid innovative J fabrics are also suitable for trendy fashion garments and beachwear: the perfect allies for those women who wish to feel at the same time comfortable and sexy, glamorous and stylish under any circumstances.