Jersey Lomellina
6 November 2012

2014 colour card... for a touch of new glamour!

For our 2014 collection, Jersey Lomellina’s color range becomes even wider.  


This mood was born from the union between the wild, untamed nature of desert islands and the magic, glamorous atmospheres of the ’40s. Colors are hyper-saturated, color matches are  bold and exciting, and remind of the ethnical style of tropical countries. Yellow, orange, bordeaux, purple, green, “forest blue”: such are the colors which can best represent the charm of these wild, desert landscapes.   

Sophisticated and romantic tones characterize this mood which reinterprets vintage sportswear in a more delicate and  refined way. Dedicated to the world of origami, this mood is made of simple, essential shapes and lines. Unusual colors blend in with the tones of nature, romantic shades marry more intense atmospheres to describe the perfect, cheerful harmony of an endless youth. The color range is delicate but powerful: clay, melon, peach, mint-milk and icy-green are the main colors of the mood.


Another sophisticated mood dedicated to swimwear, featuring pure, perfect shapes. The color range tells about the glamour and rigorous style of city life: blue, light blues, bordeaux and gold, for an unconventional elegance and the “urban style” par excellence.



The charm of ancient Egypt is embodied by this color range including gold brown shades with bright blue and fire red touches stolen from the most intense sunsets. This mood’s unique charm is best represented by the accurate mix of geometric shake you find in the garments design, which matches the drapery of  the decorations, and enhances the shiny effect of the fabric.


The magic of charleston parties explodes in this mood in which complementary shades of green and purple create ultra-trendy marriages for an sophisticated urban style.

“SIRENE” ( mermaids )
The fantastic universe of tropical islands crystal clear water is portrayed by means of this amazing range of metal blues which remind of the light reflecting on mermaids tails. A glittering silver adds an extra touch of light, like the moon reflecting on waves. Tight fitting swimsuits boasting ton-sur-ton effects are perfect for today’s fairy tale creatures.