Jersey Lomellina
6 November 2012

B-Jersey Lomellina: innovation makes the difference

Innovation, technology, quality: three key words characterizing the shining Universe by Jersey Lomellina!
The company located in the district of Bergamo, following its distinctive pioneering spirit, has developed three extraordinary, innovative, high performance fabrics: an absolute novelty in the circular knit market. We are talking about some “double faced” fabrics which can offer twice as many advantages as the standard ones.
The innovative structure developed by JL technicians has led to the creation of three items with a double personality, an effect that had so far been obtained only by putting together two different layers, but which is now found, thanks to Jersey Lomellina exclusive know-how in one product only . Let’s then consider the advantages deriving from such innovation: high stretch, extreme comfort and softness, a perfect fit under any circumstances. Furthermore, all fabrics developed can be free-cut and are available both in a ton-sur-ton version and in a contrastive one for new, exciting and elegant matches.
From now on it will be much easier to create new, glamorous looks. With these fabrics garment makers will be able to offer their customers two different styles in one garment, by using one fabric only.
The names we have chosen to identify the new items clearly express their “double” personality:
B- Natural, B- Fit, B-Fashion.
We have played with the sound of the letter B in order to evoke two different meanings:
be (as in the verb to be). We can define our life style: be natural, be fit, be elegant.
B: (as the sound itself) “bi” – a prefix meaning 2
Please find here below a detail of the aforesaid new fabrics:
B-Natural: Cotton + Polyamide
On one side the natural effect of cotton, on the other the high performance of polyamide with its typical properties: fast drying and breathable.
You can now decide whether to be pampered by the softness and comfort of cotton or take advantage of the high performance of polyamide.
B-FIT: Polyamide + Polyester
The ideal fabric for the creation of comfortable, breathable, moisture wicking sportswear garments: polyester draws sweat off the skin to the outside, whereas polyamide makes it evaporate more easily. The body temperature remains steady helping athletes to decrease energy consumption and enhance their performance.
B-FASHION: Polyamide piece-dyed  + Polyamide yarn dyed
This is the most “fashionable” variant, since the contrast between the faces of the fabric is achieved by matching the yarn-dyed polyamide side with a trendy colour on the other side.
We deeply believe these fabrics are bound to set the new trends for the next seasons.
Jersey Lomellina is already working on the new future versions: this exciting journey has just started!