Jersey Lomellina
9 July 2012

JL Renew: mother nature can sleep soundly and safely

Offering the market ethically correct fabrics is no longer a choice but a real must and Jersey Lomellina knows it far too well. The company has therefore decided to show, once again, how the creation and the production of cutting edge fabrics which are t the very same time high performance and sustainable, are not only feasible but also fundamental for the future of an industry in constant evolution such as the textile one.

Consequently, Jersey Lomellina is going to organize, at the Interfilière event, the global launch of its “JL Renew” , a brand new family of sustainable, eco-friendly fabrics: following its willingness to defend and respect our environment, the company has decided to make its production cycles transparent and clear, starting from the choice of raw materials to the company’s processes and delivery of fabrics.

All such fabrics are made of a 100% recycled polyamide yarn derived from the recovery and recycling of all of the following:
-    post consumer materials (fishing nets, rigid voile and carpet fluff, which have got to the end of their life cycle and which would be otherwise destined to the landfill);
-    post industrial materials and internal recycling processes.

 “JL Renew” fabrics stand for quality and reliability, and they are offered by Jersey Lomellina in several versions featuring different weight and characteristics aimed at promptly satisfying the market requests.

RENEW PLUS: the first among the many members of this “green” family, it is soft, compact, light, silky and feminine. Ideal for a trendy, elegant and refined beachwear, it is chlorine, sun creams and oils resistant and ensures a high protection from UV rays (UPF 50+).
Renew Plus boasts the EPD – Environmental Product Declaration (pre-certification nr: S-EP-00315): a statement defining the environmental performance of fabrics throughout their life cycle (LCA – Life Cycle Assessment).

: 130 g/m2 of elegance and glamour. Ideal for a fashionable, trendy and funny double-layer beachwear. Breathable and comfortable, it is also perfect for everyday underwear.
A cool and stylish colour card has been created with the aim of enhancing the fabric versatility: 35 pretty nuances, designed both for trendy beachwear and sophisticated lingerie .

RENEW SOFT: the lightest fabric in the family, it ensures a perfect fit along with an extra soft, sweet and delicate hand-feel. Impalpable and elegant, Renew Soft is extremely pleasant on the skin .

RENEW PRIME: it is the ideal for shapewear which can redefine your silhouette without making you feel constraint and ensuring an unprecedented new and pleasant feeling to every woman who decides to wear a garment made with it. Suitable for freecut garments, Renew Prime is invisible even under the most tight-fitting dresses. Its sophisticated versatility makes it ideal also for streetwear and outerwear.
Sophisticated and contemporary, the brand new colour card dedicated to this fabric boasts numerous exciting nuances: from the classic blue and Bordeaux to a bold, glittering gold.

The addition of the aforesaid new items to Jersey Lomellina’s collection has led to the creation of a new tag: JL Renew.
The colour which characterizes all new communications is blue; Jersey Lomellina’s logo ( only for the Renew Family ) has evolved to embrace the eco-friendly colour par excellence: blue is the colour of the Earth seen from the space, the colour of water we drink and of the air we breathe.