Jersey Lomellina
1 February 2008

The Revolutional™ Range: Revolutional™ Characteristics

What?s in a name?
Carvico?s new fabric range embodies the promise of its name: Revolutional®.
Everything has changed in the world of warp knit fabrics and nothing will be the same again. Thanks to its unique engineering, Revolutional® stands out from all other charmeuse fabrics showing a structure capable of previously unseen performance.
More than anything you?ll discover lavish comfort and freedom of movement while assuring just the right muscular compression. There?s also the perfect coverage of Revolutional® More and the shiny, nearly wet effect of Revolutional® Gloss, perfect for highly stylish applications.
With such complete selection to choose from, the Revolutional® potential goes further than any other fabric range has gone before.
HIGHLY CHLORINE RESISTANT – thanks to its innovative engineering and the Xtra-Life Lycra® it contains.
SAND RESISTANT – the revolutionary construction of this fabric prevents sand from getting trapped in its fibers.
ULTRA-FLAT – snug fit and 50% finer compared to standard charmeuse.
SUPER LIGHT – the new fabric is also revolutionary for its weight.
EXCELLENT COVERAGE – it assures excellent coverage even though it’s ultra-flat and super light.
TOP UV SUN PROTECTION – UPF 50+ thanks to it’s engineering and the special fibers it contains.
FAST DRYING TIME – it dries much faster than standard charmeuse.
EXCEPTIONAL BREATHABILITY – this fabric, light yet durable, enhances breathability and evaporation of sweat.
BLACK COLOR FASTNESS – the color black doesn’t bleed and can be combined with the lightest colors, even white. Thanks to the use of Black LYCRA® greater black intensity is guaranteed even after many washes.
NO CURLING – this fabric is perfect for free-cut garments: the edges don’t curl thanks to its elastic memory.
SHAPE RETENTION – the use of Xtra Life LYCRA® guarantees that garments will keep their shape even after many uses. The high presence of Xtra Life LYCRA® (29%) and the square stretch of the fabric assure exceptional comfort.
NO PILLING – it resists abrasions and pilling with a value equaling 5.