Jersey Lomellina
9 July 2012

Subside to "Luce" unique charm!

The Interfilière Trade Show, has always been a source of inspiration, a place where creativity, technology, know-how and innovative materials get together to determine the future trends in beachwear; it offers therefore the ideal setting for the launch of the latest fabric by Jersey Lomellina: the innovative “Luce”.
Luce is ultra-flat, thin, and mesmerizing thanks to its precious glowing, glittering surface which looks wonderful in every shade. Soft and extremely comfortable, Luce ensures  perfect fit and extreme comfort, thus being ideal for beachwear; glamorous and shiny it also really trendy in fashion and perfectly suitable for women’s sportswear, especially for dancing and calisthenics gear.    
Luce is complemented by an innovative colour card: twenty extra-cool nuances which anticipate the  2014 summer trends and atmospheres. The colour card boasts two colour ranges: a fluo one, inspired by the mysterious elegance of the deepest abysses, the other one featuring more saturated and bright tones, which enhance the natural brilliance of the fabric.
Luce fascinating iridescence, along with its bright flashes of colour, is bound to be a real “cult” during the next season, ideal for sportswear and fashion, and for those who wish to look trendy even on the beach.