Jersey Lomellina
23 November 2011

A perfect silhouette even into the water

Jersey Lomellina has designed, for all those women who are looking for a beauty secret which doesn’t imply invasive treatments or miracle creams, three fabrics, certified by LYCRA® Beauty for Swimwear: Wonder, Vogue e Vertigo.

Three real classics of JL’s collection which today can boast having been awarded the brand new certificate by Invista, the evolution of the previous, prestigious LYCRA® Beauty certificate for shapewear.


INVISTA has recently carried out a survey among consumers concerning swimwear which has shown that 96% of women rates “perfect fit” as one of the most relevant features of swimwear items.
Women are asking for more comfort, support, beauty and safety both into water and outside.


Wonder, Vogue and Vertigo from now on, will be better qualified to meet such requirements since they have brillantly passed the rigorous tests foreseen by the LYCRA® beauty programme for swimwear, a programme according to which, the typical benefits of the Xtra Life LYCRA® fiber – such as the amazing chlorine resistance (10 times higher than a standard fiber), the resistance to degradation caused by oils and suncreams, and the extreme and long lasting fit – combine with shaping properties and comfort.


We are therefore speaking about three amazing fabrics that have been engineered to improve shaping underwear and swimwear performance which can also offer women a wider choice of products which will enhance their natural curves while minimizing flaws. Say stop to uncomfortable and irritating shapewear, or to shapeless swimwear; thanks to the Jersey Lomellina, LYCRA® Beauty and LYCRA® Beauty for Swimwear team, wearing tight-fitting garments and feeling comfortable is not a dream any more.


Soft, light, compact and ultra-fine, this fabric has been designed to put together lightness, breathability, muscular support and freedom of movement. Wonder perfectly fits the body without costraints, as a second skin. 


The perfect mix of technology and charm, performance and creativity. This fabric features excellent stretch and a high shape retention power and is perfect for shaping swimwear and lingerie which remodel a woman’s silhouette, right where it is needed.


Vogue is the “youngest” member of the family, but has already become a real must of JL’s collection since it represents a brand new way of embracing women’s curvaceous silhouettes with new generation shapewear garments.
Vogue has been engineered to enhance women’s femininity, remodeling their bodies without constraints.
And we are proud to say that the target has been achieved since this fabric ahs also been awarded the aforesaid, prestigeous certificates.


Three veritable, little, precious beauty secrets!