Jersey Lomellina
23 November 2011

Renew Plus: the new eco-fabric by Jersey Lomellina. One was not born eco, one becomes eco.

Jersey Lomellina  S.p.A. presents, at the Mare di Moda International exhibition, Renew Plus, its brand new, innovative techno-fabric made of 100% recycled polyamide: Econyl  by Aquafil (a market leader in the production of man-made fibers).

Offering ethical fabrics is no longer a matter of making the best possible choice, it has become a real need and Renew Plus is the concrete evidence of the company’s commitment to promote sustainability and the outcome of the “J’aime L’éco” project, we have been investing on for years, now.


Econyl is made by recycling post-industrial and post consumer waste materials and discarded products such as fishing nets, voile and fluff – from old carpets – otherwise destined to the garbage dump.
Through a depolymerisation process they are turned into a new polymer and then into a new yarn used to create precious, innovative and eco-friendly fabrics.
An ambitious project, supported by relevant investments and thorough researches into the latest technologies, has been conceived to guarantee the next generations  a better future and a better planet to live on and which has already led to excellent results.

Soft, compact, light, Renew Plus is fully UV protective (UPF 50+) and features a high shape retention power. Both properties are ensured by the presence of Xtra Life LYCRA®, the premium fiber by Invista which is highly resistant to chlorine and to degradation by oils and sun creams ( ten times more effective than the average standard offered by normal stretch fibres).

Renew Plus has also passed all the rigorous tests foreseen by the innovative LYCRA®  Beauty platform by Invista. It is therefore perfect for the creation of comfortable and soft shapewear items featuring excellent shaping properties.

Renew Plus is ideal for women who wish to have their silhouette remodeled without constraints.