Jersey Lomellina
9 July 2012

Hariel: intimate and lingerie show off a whole new allure

The new high-tech fabric by Jersey Lomellina is presented at Interfilière 2012: the company, which has been the market leader for the production of stretch, circular knit fabrics over the past  35 years, has made of innovation its most precious value. The first manufacturer in the world to make use of 80-gauge knitting machines, Jersey Lomellina has already presented, in an absolute première at Itma Barcellona 2011, and then at Itma Asia 2012, its brand new fabric Hariel belonging to the JL Avantgarde family: ultra-thin, compact and extremely charming; differently from classic circular knit fabrics, Hariel doesn’t show the typical ribs, and therefore looks much more homogenous and consistent, and enhances the natural brilliance of colours.
Ultra-light ( it weighs only 95 g/m2 ), Hariel is the ideal choice for the production of sexy, sophisticated, precious lingerie items which are also really comfortable.
Hariel is bound to be the “quintessential representation” of the female world: with it intimate and lingerie lingerie can now show off a brand new allure.