Jersey Lomellina
7 July 2011

Glamour and Folie: the softest of lights by JL

Glamour & Folie : as bright as usual and irresistibly charming!
The real must-have of the 2013 summer season, they come along with a totally new color card featuring intense, refined metal shades.
Glamour is ultra-flat and thin, with a mesmerizing metal effect that makes it look like silk on your skin; women will feel glamorous and stylish both when wearing minimal, long evening dresses  or trendy beachwear.
Thanks to a special and innovative treatment, this fabric is also stain-resistant and extremely breathable. Easy-care and with an excellent shape-retention power, it can be hand or machine washed at 40°C and its colors won’t fade over time .
Folie is instead extremely soft and delicate to the touch and, being also amazing comfortable, it is the ideal choice for the most sophisticated and elegant beachwear, for the most glamorous and sensuous underwear and for trendy, funky fashion collections.
Our 2013 color card can boast several new, iridescent effects along with intriguing metal shades (such as gold and bronze), delicate pastel tones that remind of spring-time and vibrant, mysterious nightly nuances.