Jersey Lomellina
7 July 2011

2013 Color card: a colorful wind of change!

JL 2013 collection draws inspiration from the ’90s and puts together several, brand new color ranges including basic, sporty tones, darker palettes and delicate pastel shades matched in bold, daring marriages featuring secondary colors and pales with a low saturation. 
Furthermore, we have abandoned the logic of tone harmonies presented in the previous seasons to give
life to a more innovative and exciting  color card characterized by a strong wind of change that gets to affect the very same perception of each and every color you find into it.
We have also paid a special attention to the kind of surface colors are applied to: dynamic and brightest tones have been placed on mat surfaces while glossy backgrounds enhance the charme of the most refined and sophisticated ones.
Please find here below a detail of all the above:

From pink to red
Delicacy, romanticism, ethereal, spring frivolities for the peach shades against the sporty, active, bold atmospheres off fire reds; the palette is then completed by a selection of dark reds, ideal for classy shapewear.
More specifically, pink shades cross over to yellows (peach, salmon, rose bud) while reds  embrace all warm nuances stolen from fire together with the darkest and most intense ones.

From yellow to orange
This mood is sporty, active, energetic and vitaminic thanks to a whole selection of bright, vivid colors; saffron and spicy orange instead remind of a more ethnic universe, a summer classic of all times. 
Yellow expresses its potential in several, different nuances at the opposite ends of the spectrum: neon yellows become less acid and turn into more basic and active tones such as a pale pastel yellow, inherited from the 80s, and the saffron that in fashion collections crosses over to ochre and mustard but in beachwear keeps its sunny and intense character.
Orange shades instead take two different directions: they are either very basic and sporty or more fashion and “spicy”.

Leafy green and sage look amazing in shapewear and join the colors of minerals and precious stones for a more classic and funky  beachwear. 
JL creates its greens drawing inspiration from nature: green becomes yellowish like tree leaves or grayer like sage, pine tree or crosses over to cool blues that take after minerals, emeralds and malachite.

A fashion, stylish mood for electric blues and redder blues that cross over to purple that expands to include the more classic shades of navy and dark blues.
The same amazing electrics we have learnt to appreciate over the past years, are still a trendy, must have as well as ultramarine and blueberry.
Finally we find the basic, simple and active sporty tones with a medium intensity that complete such an interesting palette.

From bluette to water blue
Bluettes and sea greens are the fresh and bold protagonists of this collection and bring a new sense of glamour and luxury to glossy shades whereas water colors become sophisticated and refined.
A new category premières in this collection, our new “icy colors”: bluette and sea green cross over to neon shades, becoming cooler, vivid, clear and opalescent and losing the yellow component that used to characterize last year mint green.

Satin metal shades
In order to better exploit the amazing potential of the silky surface of the greates JL classics such as Glamour and Folie, in our 2013 collection, we have expanded the range of metal shades that have been so successful in fashion shows all over the world both in their glossiest and more satin-like versions. 
We have added several delicate nuances such as light satin gold, and the more sophisticated nuances of bronze. All gold shades have become brighter thanks to the addition of honey tones, whereas bronze is redder and more intense so to better suit suntanned skin.

From sand to earth tones
New, exciting neutral tones have been introduced in JL 2013 collection: a sophisticated and stylish range of colors inspired by the tones of the earth, such as sand and greige. We are talking about a selection of colors stolen from stones and sandy beaches, dedicated to a modern mermaid along with several brown shades that lose their red component to become drier and more maritime.

From fuchsia to neon/acid purple
What we have tried to do here is make fuchsia and purples more electric with the addition of a bluer halo. They give up their romantic nature to become more aggressive and active. The first two tones are two electric fuchsias with an ounce of blue inside, followed by a couple of bright blue purple shades and finally we have a nightly purple/blue

Cool purple
Here we have selected the most feminine nuances of the whole color card. These purple shades become deeper and deeper with the addition of a drop of blue that makes them, at the same time simple and sophisticated, ideal for every kind of woman.
We have several, different bluer purple shades alternating with a pair of warmer, redder purples, which look definitely younger and funkier.