Jersey Lomellina
7 July 2011

Caresse, Piuma and Honey: fashion lingerie

Having an intimate collection that might be at the same time elegant, sensuous, sophisticated, glamorous and sexy is every woman’s dream as well as feeling at the same time stylish and comfortable. And nowadays the dream has come true thanks to JL fabrics: Piuma, Caresse & Honey have made the impossible possible by putting together these apparently opposite features.  

Caresse, soft and silky, embraces the body with its soft and delicate touch. Caresse meets all the strict requirements set by the innovative LYCRA®  Xtra Fine Collection Fiber program being consequently awarded a prestigious certificate that means this fabric is the perfect mix of purity, simplicity and style. Refined, stretch and comfortable, it was designed to perfectly fit your body.

Piuma , impalpable and light, ensures excellent cover and two ways stretch. Such an amazing feature allows producers to manufacture garments that can perfectly suit and fit a size 6 and a size 12 ( UK ), not to mention the high level of comfort, the easy care and their exceptional shape retention power!
With Piuma your skin remains fresh and dry all through the day; furthermore it is pilling resistant, fast drying and it has been awarded the prestigious LYCRA® Xtra Fine Collection Fiber certificate.

Piuma Light is ultra-light (just 55g/m2), intriguing, soft, sensuous and pleasant to the touch. It is ideal for sexy,  funky lingerie.

Honey is unmistakably soft, silky and light, as pleasant as a caress, it is the perfect mix of purity, simplicity and elegance.
Ideal for sensual, feminine women who love feeling free while wearing light and evanescent clothes that enhance their natural elegance, charm and appeal.
Designed for classy, soft and breathable underwear, Honey gives a new life to lingerie items with its sophisticated simplicity. Furthermore, it has passed all the rigorous tests foreseen by the new  Invista LYCRA® Beauty platform, created to assess garments manufactured to shape and slim your silhouette without compromising on comfort . Stretch and soft as a second skin, Honey also meets all the strict criteria and requirements set by the innovative  LYCRA®  Xtra Fine Collection Fiber and LYCRA® freshFX® programs.