Jersey Lomellina
1 September 2010

GLAMOUR AND FOLIE (Interfiliere 2010)

Their name is already well-known, their unique and fascinating light remains unchanged, their lightness is unmistakable. We are of course talking about Glamour and Folie by Jersey Lomellina which introduces a completely renewed colour range this year, with intense, refined and metallic nuances.

For Glamour there are two inspiring trends. The first one is the search for a union between two worlds that are apparently very far-removed from each other like that of luxury and ostentation, with that of street-style and sportswear: to give life to a precious design that is rich in personality and characterised by electric colours brimming with vitality, such as fuchsia, yellow and orange.
The second one, on the other hand, calls to mind the Art Déco style, romantic femininity and dreams, where the dominant shades such as purple, antique rose and aquatic blues seem to reflect an almost surreal and gentle light.
But Glamour is not a fabric that is destined to enchant the fashion system on the basis of its unique colours alone; it is also capable of offering an elevated technical performance. Thanks to special innovative treatment, it has anti-stain properties and it ensures extremely good transpirability, it is an easy-care fabric and can be hand washed or machine washed at 40°C; it does not need to be ironed. The various tests carried out also prove that after numerous washes, its properties remain unaltered, guaranteeing the conservation of the original shape and bright colour.
Glamour is ultra-thin and super flat and its reflective surface emphasises the sensuality of the female body, it is perfect for the creation of minimal, long and spectacular dresses, or indeed a more fashionable casual look, which is always trendy...even on the beach.
For Folie on the other hand, there are three inspiring trends. The first of these draws its inspiration from the magical images of Venice from the early 1900’s, the charm of the upper classes and the sensuality of the draping. Warm tones of gold enrich this atmosphere of another era, combined with rich and intense colours such as ultramarine and turquoise.
The second trend is extremely refined and it is a tribute to the ballet “The Nutcracker” warm ton sur ton of pinks are combined with the metallic tones of gold and copper, to give life to a delicate feminine and graceful trend that does not go unnoticed.
The inspiration for the last trend is drawn from the multi-coloured flea-markets, where among confusion, creativity and vintage, you may catch sight of military greens, pinks and cream colours that are a perfect match for the infinite shades of more sophisticated greys and browns.
The extraordinary iridescent chromatic effects combined with the technical innovation of the fabric to make Folie transversal: it is ideal for beachwear, it is refined for underwear and it is precious and shiny for clothing, capable of giving a touch of charm and style to more casual garments.
Folie, an alliance between style and originality, comfort and elegance, innovation and class.
Composition Glamour:
89% Polyamide
11% Elastane
Weight: 115 g/m²
Composition Folie:
89% Polyamide
11% Elastane
Weight: 145 g/m²