Jersey Lomellina
1 September 2010

VERTIGO and WONDER: top level performance and comfort (Eurobike - Interbike 2010)

Jersey Lomellina, a benchmark in the sportswear industry, offers two very technical fabricsthat highly improve performance and ensure optimal energy recovery power, allowing wearers to concentrate only on the results.

 They are Wonder and Vertigo.

When we at JL research and design latest generation fabrics such as these, we want to offer sports enthusiasts and athletes products conceived especially to ensure that sportsmen and women are in their best physiological condition during competitions and that recovery after an event or training is as quick as possible.
Vertigo and Wonder, one lighter (Wonder 170 g/m2) and the other heavier (Vertigo 220 g/m2), with two-way stretch and high percentage elongation, offer exceptional properties in terms of fit, comfort and freedom of movement, as well as numerous technical features: natural evaporation of sweat, resistance to pilling and abrasion, protection against UV rays (UPF 50+) and are compact and opaque, providing total cover with no risk of see-through even in the lightest colours.
The most important aspect of both fabrics is the LYCRA® Sport certification. Wonder and Vertigo excelled in meeting all the requirements for this innovative certificate, guaranteeing extreme elasticity and exceptional shape recovery even after several washes.
The special Lycra® Sport fibre gives garments made with Wonder or Vertigo an incomparable advantage, improving athletes’ performance in measureable terms by providing more “power” during physical activity. Both fabrics guarantee correct muscle compression, essential for reducing the formation of lactic acid, increasing resistance, refining precision of movement and massaging the muscles to prevent the sensation of fatigue.
Wonder and Vertigo have been designed for sporting activities that require a combination of lightness, breathability, muscle support and freedom of movement:
- they fit perfectly: the elasticity of the fabric moulds the figure without constricting, guaranteeing maximum freedom of movement;
- they improve tissue micro-circulation;
- they increase muscle oxygenation both at rest and during physical exercise.
They are comfortable fabrics, ideal for an active, sporty lifestyle, and winning allies able to satisfy all the demands of athletes looking for top performance and garments that can offer much, much more.