Jersey Lomellina
1 December 2008

PANAMA and ALDABRA: velvets of the third millennium

The softness, iridescent and sensual look and aristocratic smoothness of velvet is seductive and alluring. Carvico, which has always kept pace with the most interesting trends of the times, presents two velvets in its collection: Panama and Aldabra, two fabrics that are destined to conquer the world of sportswear for artistic disciplines and fitness, beachwear for poolside cocktail parties and fashion for the modern way of life.
Panama and Aldabra are soft, shiny, bi-stretch fabrics that give the appearance of natural velvet, but at the same time guarantee wearability, elasticity and care practicality.

Panama is a classic smooth velvet that is comfortable and easy to wear. It is capable of satisfying city sportswear needs and if necessary, of moving away from sports use, to show its underlying fashionable spirit in casual and elegant garments that heighten femininity by following the body’s curves. The broad range of colours includes 20 new shades, which embrace the youngest-looking and most brilliant hues, like plum and turquoise, for trendy and alternative beachwear, acid yellow and bright orange, typical of street style, and more sophisticated shades, like powder blue, smoky grey and dove grey.

Composition: 87% Polyamide - 13% Elastane
Weight: 220 g/m²

Aldabra is a crushed velvet whose exceptional capacity for creating garments with a strong dramatic impact leaps to the eye.
It is mainly used for artistic sports disciplines and is available in a range of intense and brilliant colours that enhance the most complex choreographies, following the movement and curves of the body perfectly.
Colours range from the most elegant greens and blues, conjuring up woods and glaciers, to intense and spicy reds and pinks for more sophisticated underwear and beachwear, and fresh and playful candy colours, ideal for sweatshirts for the young.
Aldabra is the velvet that China’s women’s artistic gymnastics team chose to wear this year for the Olympic games in Beijing.

Composition: 87% Polyamide - 13% Elastane
Weight: 210 g/m²