Jersey Lomellina
27 November 2009

ECOLORS and ECOLINE. The "EcoFabrics" by Jersey Lomellina - Mare di Moda 2009 (Cannes)

As part of the Green Vision that for years has guided the company towards a serious ethical commitment to the environment, Jersey Lomellina has developed a series of fabrics that marry the best of this production philosophy.

Ecolors and Ecoline - the new eco-friendly fabrics with a Made in Italy label that took shape in JL’s laboratories are the result of a combination of research, development and innovation. These latest generation fabrics are obtained with the use of dope dyed fibres that allow for a dry production process: no water in the dyeing cycle, no waste of water.

Ecolors and Ecoline guarantee uniform, homogeneous colours, a high degree of colour fastness, no fading over time and can also be easily washed and paired with coloured or white garments without the problem of shrinkage. The high degree of colour resistance means there is no loss of dye when garments are washed, resulting in a significant reduction in waste water pollution over the manufactured garment’s entire lifespan.

Ecolors and Ecoline are hi-tech eco-friendly fabrics: their composition also incorporates the Xtra Life LYCRA®, which ensures high resistance to chlorine, making them perfect for creating swimwear, while the extreme elasticity, soft handle and high breathability make them ideal for fashionable fitness wear.

Ecolors is available in six new colours, while Ecoline features a number of striped versions. By combining these two eco-fabrics, new, unique plays of colour can be created for technically cutting edge garments with style.

Once again, Jersey Lomellina has managed to combine innovation, technology and research to produce products that meet the requirements of increasingly aware, demanding consumers, and at the same time, protect an environment more and more in need of protection!

Composition: 90% Polyamide - 10% Xtra Life LYCRA®
Weight: 200 g/m²