Jersey Lomellina
1 September 2010

JL POLYESTERS: technicality and style for all tastes (Eurobike - Interbike 2010)

The stretch polyester fabrics designed, tested and manufactured by Jersey Lomellina are unmistakable both for the quality that has always been the hallmark of JL products, and the style they bring to every garment. Perfect for transfer prints, JL polyesters can be used to create cutting-edge sportswear and underwear.
Extremely soft and light, it offers perfect fit and freedom of movement and is highly breathable and quick drying, leaving a feeling of natural freshness. Cipro is the perfect fabric for the production of sportswear that looks just as good for leisuretime too.
A very light, very fine stretch jersey, Creta ensures an optimal printed colour yield. Breathable, fresh and soft, it is quick-drying and guarantees perfect fit.
The ideal fabric for casual leisuretime clothes, youthful underwear and sportswear in general.
Jolie has a shiny, brilliant effect and ensures exceptional performance: soft and extremely comfortable, light, fresh and breathable, it is quick-drying and gives a perfect fit.
An excellent fabric to meet all the demands of the beachwear, underwear and fitness sectors.
A compact, opaque fabric, Olympic fits like a second skin, adhering perfectly to the body, shaping the figure with no constriction and improving the athlete’s performance. It also provides total protection against UV rays (UPF 50+), making it perfect for all kinds of applications: from beachwear to sportswear, underwear and leisurewear.
With its soft compact touch, it hugs the body to ensure perfect fit and exceptional muscle compression to increase efficiency of movement.
Breathable, quick-drying and with high UV protection (UPF 50+), it is ideal for the creation of sportswear garments for leisure and competitive activities.
Smoothly, Cube and Piquet
Cutting-edge and high performance, Smoothly, Cube and Piquet are JL’s innovative latest generation techno-fabrics with exceptional performance, thanks to the properties of Invista’s T400® fibre that guarantee soft, durable elasticity, high resistance to chlorine and UV rays (UPF 50+), quick drying and excellent breathability.
Very fine and ultra-flat, Smoothly is a light, fresh and resistant fabric that offers perfect fit, natural comfort and shape retention over time. Pilling and abrasion resistant, Smoothly is the ideal fabric for beachwear and the trendiest sportswear.
Cube and Piquet also guarantee correct muscle compression, which combined with high breathability for efficient body temperature control, ensures top performance in all sports. With their impeccable good looks, Cube and Piquet are perfect for the creation of activewear and sportswear that are stylish for leisuretime as well.
Compact and opaque, but very light and breathable at the same time, Zeus is an extremely comfortable fabric ideal for the creation of technical underwear. With its soft, silky handle, it combines comfort and elegance, fitting like a second skin to give perfect adherence and fit.