Jersey Lomellina
19 October 2009

JL ADVANCED: for a sport performed with style, comfort and technicality - Intertextile 2009 (Shanghai)

We want fabric to be number one and Jersey Lomellina knows how! The forward thinking Italian company, in fact, has for many years, been the leading manufacturer of the high tech elasticised knitted jersey fabrics and with the world of sport becoming more demanding, Jersey Limonellina is ready to provide concrete answers through its innovative and functional products.To ensure that style is not forgotten, even during physical activity, and in order to provide perfect harmony between the influence of fashion and the needs of athletes, Jersey Lomellina has created techno-fabrics for the JL ADVANCED family: Piquet, Smoothly and Cube. With these items, available for the first time in circular knitting, the precious quality of the new T400® fibre by Invista marries the innovative technologies of Jersey Lomellina.

Easy to wash and totally effortless to care for, Piquet, Smoothly and Cube dry quickly helping to keep the body temperature and humidity under control leaving the skin naturally fresh. They are capable of guaranteeing an optimum maintenance of both shape and form allowing complete freedom of movement whilst still providing high levels of comfort even under extreme conditions.

The JL ADVANCED fabrics favour high performance sports guaranteeing full comfort for the athlete during every performance. Perfect clothing for numerous sporting applications, Piquet, Smoothly and Cube, guarantee: exceptional softness and a high resistance to chlorine and UV rays (UPF 50+), excellent breathability, optimum comfort and a perfect fit.

Composition: 66% Polyester 34% Elasterel-P Weight: 150 g/m2
Composition: 60% Polyester 40% Elasterel-P Weight: 180 g/m2
Composition: 48% Polyester 52% Elasterel-P Weight: 200 g/m2