Jersey Lomellina
30 January 2009

G&G: initials for astonishment - ISPO 2009 (Munich)

Jersey Lomellina presents Glamour & Glitter, two fabrics destined to captivate the fashion system. Pride and joy of the company’s R&D, both Glamour & Glitter, thanks to a special innovative treatment, ensure remarkable stain-resistance and a good breathability. They are totally easy-care: they can be washed by hand or machine, at 40°C, and need no ironing. Various tests showed that, even after several washes, the two fabrics maintain their characteristics unaltered, and can guarantee the original shape retention as well as preserve the brightness of colours. These are their common properties, but they differ in terms of look and style.

Glamour blends lightness and a silken glow, showing subtle metallic shines. It is a superfine and ultra-flat fabric. Its reflective surface enhances femininity and the body’s sensuality. Glamour amazes with its vintage yet futuristic allure, ideal for the creation of clothes: from the minimal dresses to the long, more dramatic ones. Its mesmerising iridescence, combined with dazzling colour sparks, make this fabric a real timeless cult of seduction and elegance.

Composition: 89% Polyamide - 11% Elastane Weight: 115 g/m²

Glitter has a delicate shine, less flashy, calling to mind satin finished metal effects. It is an ultra-flat fabric, with a spirited ultra-modern nature. Its cool, young and high tech mood makes it just right for the design of easy wear, sportswear and fashion garments. It wraps the body shaping it, following and highlighting its sinuous curves. Glitter provides a strong identity to contemporary garments, refining the mix&match style in a balance between glamour and irony.

Composition: 80% Polyamide - 20% Elastane Weight: 150-155 g/m²

With Glitter & Glamour once again Jersey Lomellina confirms its ability in combining quality, ideas and high technologies. Such fabrics are just perfect for multifaceted applications in fashion and sportswear, for alternative and trendy beachwear and for seaside prêt à porter.