Jersey Lomellina
30 January 2009

WONDER, nothing more - ISPO 2009 (Munich)

Be simple, be perfect, be Wonder. Study, analysis and research have taken Wonder to extraordinary new heights in every field of application. The new image is strong, yet harmonious, striking the perfect balance between hi-tech and style.
Wonder by Jersey Lomellina is a truly modern fabric. Eclectic and versatile, it meets the most diverse range of requirements, no matter how special. It has captured the sportswear market with its feisty and dynamic character. It is tonic and agile for fitness and fresh and young for everyday underwear. It is a fabric with a thousand faces and infinite applications, which has attained outstanding results in terms of performance too. Champions of some of the toughest and most technical sports are wearing it, including swimming, sailing, skiing, cycling and running champs.
The technical sports world now has a new and powerful ally: Wonder. JL has enhanced this fabric to its full potential: it is soft and comfortable, compact and opaque. It guarantees total 50+ protection against UVA and UVB rays. Its special structure allows natural perspiration evaporation (Moisture Management), which means the fabric dries quickly, whilst keeping the body temperature constant. Wonder provides a perfect fit that models the wearer’s figure without being constricting, thus improving performance. It is totally easy care, may be hand or machine washed at 40°C and needs no ironing.
The fabric colour card (made up of around 50 colours) has been completely overhauled and works in perfect harmony with its cutting-edge, decisive and dynamic character.
Wonder provides just the right combination of fashion and technology: it meets market demands for stylish and trendy garments, yet maintains high performance and long lasting quality.

Composition: 80% Polyamide – 20% Elastane
Weight: 170 g/m²