Jersey Lomellina
1 January 2008

WONDER: the balance between technic and style

Key word: modernity.

Wonder belongs to the high performant and highly refined fabric family. It has a technical,thick and close-knit weave. It is a groundbreaking fabric, containing a microfiber of the latest generation, treated with one of the best titanium UV filters. More, it has the ability to let perspiration quickly evaporate (Moisture Management), favoring a quick drying and avoiding its cooling on the skin. Among its characteristic, an excellent covering and a perfect wearability. It has a consistent, transpiring and thermoregulating surface. It dries quickly and it protects from UV rays and UV 50+.
Wonder suits any beachwear, and with its versatility it underlines the basic clothes simplicity and the fashion’s peculiarity. It gives, moreover, a great comfort and the best adherence, presenting itself soft and warm to the touch, with an effect similar to natural fibers. Bath suits in this fabric stick to the body with a second skin effect, allowing the best freedom in movements. Wonder is available in 42 colors, including the most trendy for a very sophisticated beachwear. It expresses the perfect synthesis between technical and fashion: here are the clothes following the last demands of the market as a style, without forgetting the high level performances and a long time  endurance.

Composition: 80% Polyamide  20% Elastane
Weight:170 g/m²