Jersey Lomellina
1 January 2008

VOILE: lightness stratification on your body

Key word: superimpose.

Voile by Jersey Lomellina is a wide-ranging warp-knit elastic fabric: fashion designers’ imagination brought it to unforeseen style games. Beachwear, underwear, fashion clothes: these sectors use skillfully the distinctive and transversal features offered by this fabric.
A light veil, with a transparent weft: a real feeling of lightness and comfort. Matt colors with a satin effect. Who wears Voile cannot escape from a delicate and elegant seduction. Many superimposed layers create new shades of colors posing on the body, caressing it softly and disclosing its shapes. Light, adhering lice a second skin, it follows any movements and allows the wearer to feel comfortable and at ease in any situation. It’s the fabric for the woman who won’t give up comfort, nor the most sensual side of her femininity. Voile wraps the body embracing sweetly the sexy, malicious and mysterious soul of those who chose to wear it.

Composition: 82% Polyamide 18% Elastan
Weight:40 g/m²