Jersey Lomellina
1 January 2008

FOLIE and TRENDY: a couple of elegance and seduction

Key word: amaze.
Technical research and JL’s taste keep on improving Folie, a fabric fit to fulfill the creativity of fashion designers. Folie wins the beachwear section, it fascinates the field of the most refined underwear, and it  sets itself to the creation of sport clothes having a special aesthetic demand.
Extreme lightness, even surface, brightness and a soft and silky weave: these are many Folie’s qualities. It’s a fabric emitting a precious light with intense  glows. It’s available in 33 selected shade of colors exalting the almost silky appearance of the surface, creating an intense game of brilliant shade.
Intense colors have been created with Black Xtralife LYCRA®: dark regular shades and some sophisticated fashion effects moiré and metallic. Black Xtralife LYCRA® is the ground-breaking fiber, black at the origin: it offers an excellent resistance for the dark shades. Folie has an excellent color solidity and it claims a great elasticity: every time the clothe gets its full shape back.

Composition: 91% Polyamide 9% Elastane-LYCRA®
Weight:145 g/m²

The step to a new improvement is a short one: JL creates and enriches his product with TRENDY, the new fabric to get along with Folie. Altogether the explore the beachwear, the fashion and the underwear sectors. And it seduces. Lightness, transparency, brightness, transversality: these are many of its qualities. Trendy can perfectly play even a solo role: it charms with his mysterious effect, it arouses curiosity when used as underwear, just by its malicious and gourmand look.
There are no more creativity limits. Trendy and Folie fabric have a perfect pairing: they have the same seductive and glamorous image, they both have the same silky light stricken by metallic glows. Overlapping games play with transparent effects creating suggestions of an irresistible femininity.
Trendy is in 10 colors (8 come from the Folie palette, plus the quartz pink and the grey pearl).

Composition: 80% Polyamide  20% Elastane-LYCRA®
Weight: 40 g/m²