Jersey Lomellina
1 December 2008

FOLIE: colours light up again

In Folie, light is the true star. The shiny radiant glints and mirroring effects in this glamorous and dazzling fabric create a polyhedral effect by means of infinite and imperceptible multicolour refraction of light. Folie is available in 33 exclusive versions: ranging from aquatic hues such as brilliant greens and blues from the waters of the Mediterranean and less saturated yet very charming shades like light and dark sage, to the more feminine and delicate tones of powder pinks, which are perfect for underwear. Veering towards the yellows, a series of fruity ultra-feminine colours have been created, whereas the spicy shades of vivid summer sunsets that complete the new colour range are sharper, creating a stronger impact.
Its extraordinary iridescent chromatic effects, together with the innovative technical qualities of the fabric, make Folie a universal product: ideal for beachwear, elegant for underwear, shiny and glam for fashion clothing and capable of lending a touch of glamour and style for sports garments too.
Folie is part of the JL Blackline® family and is made with a special elastomer, which is black at source, Black Lycra® by Invista. This together with a new special shiny thread creates fabrics that are shown off to their full potential in metallic and mineral colours like silver, titanium, gold and bronze.
Folie is a blend of style and originality, comfort and elegance, innovation and refinement.

Composition: 89% Polyamide - 11% Elastane
Weight: 145 g/m²