Jersey Lomellina
1 December 2008

Jersey Lomellina, the company in love with modernity

Jersey Lomellina is a company in the Gruppo Carvico: established in Lomellina (Pavia) in 1977, it has grown through its experience to a reality well known in the world of highly technological elastic jersey manufacturers. Since ever warrant of the made in Italy, JL is the ideal partner for companies looking for the taste, the quality and the uniqueness of the Italian product. Jersey Lomellina, main actor in the underwear and beachwear sales, is now incisively facing the sector of fitness and sportswear. Its textiles respond to the always evolving market’s demand through anticipation. JL’s countersign is, as a matter of fact, “be in advance” with its groundbreaking and functional products. Well being, technique, style and attention toward fashion trends: this is the path JL went through to reach the highest step in the textile world scale.

Jersey Lomellina fabric is the starting idea for the development of the greatest brands of italian and international fashion, but fashion is not the only point that puts JL’s fabrics ahead of the competitors: technical innovation and aesthetics do make the difference. The color scope and the research of new chromatic scales, of their combination and interpretation, are a winning and convincing suggestion that JL renovates at each collection.

JL’s fabric “dresses and undresses” today’s woman. It goes with her from the morning to the night suggesting an easycare underwear marked by an extreme comfort. It is with her in the leisure time, in fitness and sports moments, looking for an healthy well being.
Jersey Lomellina stays always in step with the times: as a factory, it satisfies and it goes along with modern demands. Quality fabrics for high performances, whit a common denominator: the invention’s beauty and usefulness.